Pojer & Sandri

Pojer & Sandriis an artisan domaine which was founded in 1975 when young Fiorentino Sandri inherited a small vineyard in the rugged alpine hills above Trento. Here is the village of Faedo, Sandri formed a partnership with winemaker Mario Pojer (who had just finished his studies in enology at the famous nearby wineschool, the San Michele Agricultural Institute).

This partnership continues to bear fruit (literally and figuratively !).
Their goal was simple and to some of the locals, foolhardy: They were going to cultivate vineyards in the hills of Faedo, between the Adige river and the Cembra Valley.

The first wine to be offered for sale met with tremendous acclaim, a 1975 vintage Müller-Thurgau of exceptional fragrance and finesse. The nay-sayers were even more surprised upon the release of Pojer & Sandri's first Chardonnay, along with a wine made from an indigenous variety called Nosiola.